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Matter Solutions is offering you a free hosting solution for your small business website.

How does it work?

Basically, we provide you with a place on our server, just as any paid hosting company would do. The only difference is, you can keep your site on our servers for free for as long as you would like.

Since the hosting is totally free there have to be some limitations – read all the details here.

How come it’s free?

In return for providing you with our hosting, we ask that you credit us with a Credit Page on your site that has some basic information about our company. The Credit Page is only mentioned in the footer of your website (or in an agreed alternative place) in small print, so it is hardly visible to most visitors of your site. We will also appreciate a small logo Hosted by Matter Solutions on your contact page.

Here is an example of how it looks on a real website:

When you navigate to the contact page, you will see a small logo there. If someone clicks on it, it will lead him to our credit page. The credit page is also linked from the footer of your website.

As you can see the link to the credit page is small and subtle (bottom right-hand corner).

That’s all! We’ll do it all and you will get free hosting for your business website.

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