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FreeHostingAustralia.com.au is a website promoting the Free Website Hosting Services provided for Australian businesses by Matter Solutions Pty Ltd

About Matter Solutions

Matter Solutions is an internet marketing company based in Redcliffe QLD, just north of Brisbane. We provide the following…

  • Website Design (and graphic design too)
  • Website Development – custom built websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Ranking well in the search engines
  • Google AdWords – Advertising on Google
  • Social Media Marketing – Connecting with customers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more very useful websites for your business

We know there are tens of thousands of website designers out there and seemingly more every single day. What we do is different, we don’t just dump a website down in front of clients and walk away – we¬† take care of clients by making sure all the issues are covered. Almost every project we provide includes a specifically considered combination of Website Design and Promotion.

Build it and they will come – Wrong

The ability to built great websites that turn visitors into leads linked to our first class ability to deliver traffic mean our clients are happy, they come back to us again and again for all the right reasons.

Ethical Business

We take pride in the way we do business too. This website for example, we’re offering free hosting in return for a page on your website – it’s well explained and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about it for your business.

We understand that this isn’t right for everyone. If it’s not right for you and you’d like to talk to us about regular website hosting we’d love to discuss your needs with you and give you a quote to get your website firing on all cylinders.

Best regards,

Ben Maden, Director

FreeHostingAustralia.com.au is a website by Matter Solutions

Matter Solutions is an internet marketing company based in Redcliffe, just North of Brisbane in Queensland

We provide a wide range of services including internet advertising, search engine optimisation, Google AdWords management and graphic design - all done together to deliver results that matter for clients. Visit MatterSolutions.com.au


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