Is there a catch?

It’s free? Well there must be a catch.

No, not really. There are two things though we want you to know:

  • your account will have some limitations (still perfect for the majority of small businesses – details below)
  • we would like a credit page in return (subtle and discreet – more details)

Free cPanel account

We provide you with cPanel hosting. Naturally it has some limits, but these are more than sufficient for most small business websites. Not sure if it will be enough for you? Just contact us, we’re more than happy to give you advice about whether you’d fit into our free hosting service.

If you currently have cPanel hosting (it’s quite common) you can check and see how we compare.

  • Disk space: 40Mb
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 800Mb
  • Number of email forwardings: 10

Support is Limited

We provide free hosting, but not mailboxes. This isn’t because we can’t, it’s because providing support for them is very time consuming and we can’t do it for free – we would rather concentrate on providing you with a good free web hosting solution.

Of course, you can route email from the server to your ISP’s email. E-mail you send can have your domain address in the FROM field, so no-one would ever know which e-mail account you are really using.

For example: can be routed to
(you can have up to 10 of these redirects)

…and you can configure your PC to send you e-mail from your ISP e-mail account in such a way the message looks like from

So it’s

  1. Easy to set-up – follow our online guide
  2. Simple to use – just use your existing email account
  3. Efficient – you get a  free web hosting account

Something in return

We do ask you for a small favour in return – a credit page on your website. The page will not collide with your website layout and since it will be usually linked only from the footer of your website (in small print), it will generally not be noticed by the majority of your website visitors.

Take a look at how it exactly works. It’s simple, clear and we’ll do it for you! Just contact us.

Is there a contract?

No. You can stay as long as you like and we can ask you to leave if you abuse our servers. This makes sure the whole system keeps working in the interests of all our customers.

Any more questions? Ask us…

Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help is a website by Matter Solutions

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